Token Ring Network 2

The applet on this page is a somewhat more extended simulation of a token ring network with four computers. As was the case in the simple simulation one can see an animation of this network, with messages travelling between computers. However at the right of this animation there are now two output screens. One is the event set represantation. The blue line denotes the event that is taking place, the next lines denote future events that have been scheduled, the future event set. Under the animation one can see the simulation time which can be speeded up, or slowed down using the arrows at the bottom. The other one shows some statistics that are collected while simulating. They apply to the waiting time of a mesage, the time which passes from the creation of a message until the actual sending of the message. In addition, the user can set the number of messages to be sent and the type of distribution function from which the times at which messages are sent are determined. Some parameters of these functions can also be set by the user.

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